Fresh Market: Drop the Lame Produce Bags!

Last week the potatoes and pears I put in produce bags fell right through to the floor. At Fresh Market.

Now, I don’t go to Fresh Market very often–maybe once every three months. But since they’re supposed to be the more premium grocery store, I was shocked that their produce bags were of such poor quality.

Ripped produce bag containing pears.

Even their checkout clerk seemed embarrassed when I mentioned the bag problem, and said they do seem to be very cheaply made. This, after the sweet potatoes escaped the produce bag at checkout and rolled onto the floor!

To date, I have not had produce bags rip on me at Publix or Winn Dixie. Bags that rip that easily can’t be impressing customers.

Holey bags aside, the fruit and vegetables at Fresh Market were most impressive.

My daughter and I marveled at the huge Honeycrisp apples. And we sighed over the pears. Thoughts of pear apple crisp inspired me. ┬áThen I saw the big display of Pistachios, and I recalled the strange sales pitch Ron Blagojevich does, hawking pistachios in a new TV ad. No, I didn’t buy any pistachios.

I did go for the brussel sprouts. They are absolutely delicious simply steamed, with a little kosher salt tossed on them in the end.

The eggplant, squash, and organic apples looked beautiful. Touring the produce, I was inspired to try some new recipes this Thanksgiving.

It’s always a treat to visit the Fresh Market. Maybe next time, their produce bags won’t rip on me. Here’s hoping!

Photos by Kelly Estes


About Kelly Estes

Kelly is a freelance writer who loves to cook. She is a former award-winning newspaper journalist who now writes for the web from her test kitchen in Jacksonville, Florida.
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